Business Consulting

Business consulting; an effective way to survive in a competitive market

Business consulting can enhance your business position by creating a strong link between your business goals and the dynamic and fast flow of the market.

Business consulting, a strategy for business growth

Business consulting is to help organizations improve their performance and efficiency. The science that unfortunately has received less attention in the current business environment of the country. If consulting services are accompanied by up-to-date knowledge, accurate scientific, and research methods, they can have strategic and valuable effects to achieve the goals and visions of any organization or business.


At the beginning of each path, each organization has a definition of its short-term, long-term goal, visions, and strives to gain some analysis of its strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. But being seen and surviving in today’s competitive environment is not easy. Also, senior managers in any organization or business should keep in mind that matters such as public relations, media relations, advertising and content production, audience recognition, market needs assessment, etc. is a specialized and professional thing. Today successful companies and organizations in the world by using professional experts in this field, pursue their grand and strategic goals.

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Reduce huge advertising costs with business advice.

For businesses that are active in sales, using the services of a business consultant can help improve their position and lead them in the market. In many cases, using this consulting is as one of the main factors in the successful sale of a business.

While, short research and expert advice in this field could estimate the effectiveness of advertising and suggest a more economical, more appropriate and more effective solution according to factors such as the gathering place of the target audience.

many organizations and companies spend a lot of money on advertising without considering about nature of their activity or products, as well as trying to identify the audience or customer and planning to compile effective content. After a while, they become frustrated with not receiving proper feedback and face serious problems.

Business consulting can have strategic and valuable effects in achieving the goals and visions of any organization or business.

Business consulting; Planning to survive in a competitive market

Rasa Group strives to provide a new level of strategic consulting services to businesses and organizations by overlapping with up-to-date research, studies in the field, and accurate market needs assessment.

Being knowledge-based and research-oriented business of consulting services are key features of Rasaa for creating a strong link between business goals with the dynamic, fast, and economical flow in the market. These services help business owners and managers at different levels and industries to understand what they need to make a profit and succeed and take steps in that direction.

Services that we can provide to you in the business consulting section:

Consulting and planning for strategic communication of the organization
Consulting and scientific and strategic training in public relations to improve the level of activity and the position of the organization
Social responsibility consulting of organizations based on the activities and missions of the organization
Effective communication consulting purposefully and scientifically and based on audience and social needs assessments
Legal consulting in the field of media contracts, representation of media cases and protection of copyright and authorship of works
Consulting to discover and solve organizational problems and improve intra-organizational communication
Consulting on how to use media tools to enter the market and introduce products and services
Consulting for holding ceremonies, events, conferences, etc. with creative approaches and in line with commercial and non-commercial goals
Communication and media consulting to manage the crisis to reduce the impact and resolve the crisis, as well as using media tools to compensate for the effects of the crisis
Consulting on developing and maintaining brand reputation and measuring customer loyalty
Business strategy and marketing consulting
Consulting and assessing the emergence of services and products in public opinion to promote competitive advantage and strategic decisions

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We offer you a 360° marketing, branding and communication in digital culture and the new offline age. Our services are a true solution to your marketing, company, and support all of your ideas. Rasaa experts by identifying your business will clear the dark spots on the road to success. Building a unified identity and introducing it to the world is our main goal.

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