Media is a powerful tool for effective and growing communication.

It is not difficult to understand why the media is so popular these days. Media is an easily digestible format that can be considered as the most influential source for human due to its richness of textual, audio and video information.

Media at the service of business

Media is an effective tool to introduce a business and influence its audience.

Visual content can communicate with the audience in the most creative way possible. This method of advertising not only attracts the attention of the target audiences but also can educate the audience and inform them about the benefits of the product or service.

رسانه در خدمت کسب‌وکار

In addition to these elements, the art of photography can also open a window to the ideas and thoughts of a brand by linking the advertising concepts of a brand, and they can have a positive effect on the audience in combination with other components of the media.

The production of audio content can play a particular role in gaining the trust and loyalty of the audience. Unlike the image, sound captures the audience’s entire focus while allows them to do their miscellaneous tasks freely.

تولید محتوای صوتی
رسانه در خدمت کسب‌وکار

The image makes the message valuable by using the various elements at its disposal and makes it easy to transfer with the help of mental approximation to visual phenomena.

Quotes from the Media team

The role of media components in advertising strategy

When all media components are properly planned as part of business communication and advertising strategy, you can make the most use of media power and establish a positive and consistent relationship with your business audience. Only in this case, the media guide you in achieving the short-term and long-term goals of the organization and increase the effectiveness of advertising for the business.

خدمات رسانه رسا

The point that must be paid attention is that creativity and creating in rich, impressive, and relevant content alone cannot complete the process of effective communication, rather, it requires a professional context to say the message and convey it correctly to the audience. The right choice of media and specialized execution of the message in the form of it is a significant and main part of the strategic transmission process of the message.

Media acts as a very efficient arm in the realization of organizational achievements and dramatically changes the economic and operational cycle.

Use the power of the media to promote your business

Media services in Rasaa group act as the executive and operational arm of other departments and turn everything defined in the research and content creation departments define as communication and media strategies by using specialized tools, software and human resources into powerful media.

At Rasaa, we find the most appropriate templates for introducing your business, and by portraying a narrative of what you do, while emphasizing the role of the brand and products, we change your belief in yourself and your audience’s belief in you.

محتوای تصویری

Services that we are ready to provide in the media unit:

Video and teaser editing services

Making long and short films
Making custom and industrial documentaries
Making chromakey movies and clips
Production of all kinds of advertising sharpness
Dummy Image
Recording sound and music

Dubbing and voice acting
Making a radio teaser
Creating of audio podcasts
Studio photography
Documentary photography
Chromakey Photography (Green Curtain)

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We offer you a 360° marketing, branding and communication in digital culture and the new offline age. Our services are a true solution to your marketing, company, and support all of your ideas. Rasaa experts by identifying your business will clear the dark spots on the road to success. Building a unified identity and introducing it to the world is our main goal.

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